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Call of Duty Website
(25-04-2020, 09:21 PM)I think we need a good rundown of every map and ones we are willing to play as a clan. We will need to know all maps but we need our "Home" map. Lets all vote on a map we would like to be our map once we have a team set up.WalBanger Wrote: I'm thinking of making a new website section for the New CoD....
What would people like on it?

My ideas/to-do list Warzone:-

  1. Maps: key locations like Ammo piles.
  2. Sights: Picture of all the different sights.

My ideas/to-do list Multiplayer:-
  1. Maps: maps showing bomb sites and name locations, like back Ally:
  2. Sights: Picture of all the Different sights. + Abilities: (Gun Info)

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